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Living the DIVA Pet Life means being a "Stay-at-Home Pet."  Whether on-the-go or out-of-town, pet parents trust us to care for their furry family while they're away. 

DIVA pet life

the DIVA basics

Stay-at-Home Pets

An all-inclusive 30 minute visit

  • Arrival and departure text messages (e-mails upon request)

  • Pictures and videos of the visit sent via text message (e-mails upon request)

  • Food preparation for dry and wet food 

  • Freshen water bowls (empty, wash, and refill)

  • Backyard time or walk dogs

  • Kitty care:  scoop litter box and dispose of waste

  • TLC

  • Treats

  • Bring in mail/newspaper

  • Adjust lights and curtains/blinds


**Peace-of-Mind packages can be tailored to you and your pet's wishes.

Additional pet sitting services may include:

  • Cleaning kitty litter box = emptying litter box and refilling:  $13 per box

  • Senior Care:  specific service and pricing to be discussed based on individual situation.  Senior care includes cleaning up pet messes. 

We provide FREE in-home consults where we meet you and your pet.  This is when we learn all about you and your pet's needs.

Contact us to schedule your consult and have your DIVA or DIVO be a "Stay-at-Home Pet!"

the DIVA standard:

Who wants some DIVA TLC?

The DIVA Standard is "Peace-of Mind" Service.  Our DIVAS-on-Duty take pride in the art of spoiling.  Every stay-at-home DIVA or DIVO receives individualized care reassuring our pet parents that their precious baby is well attended. 

All "Peace-of-Mind" Pet Care Packages include diaries, pictures, zen time, playtime, hydration, and meals.  Some DIVAS and DIVOS also like walks and treats.  Additionally, we scoop DIVAS and DIVOS who have kitty litter.

Our competitive rates are tailored to fit your furry family's size.  Have more than one precious stay-at-home pet?  We got you covered.

For out-of-town clients, we bring in the mail/ newspaper, and adjust the lights and curtains/ blinds.

the DIVA "peace-of-mind" pet care basics:


DIVA Diaries

It’s no secret DIVAS and DIVOS are busy babies!  We write detailed entries about our visit with your precious furry friend.  Regular clients get the DIVA VIP treatment with their very own DIVA notebook!


DIVA Models

DIVAS and DIVOS love showing off.  We love showing them off too!  During your pet's visit, we'll sent gratuitous amounts of text messages showing off your model DIVA or DIVO.  We can even send videos!  Won't be able to receive text messages while you're away?  No problem!  We're email friendly too. 


We also love flaunting your pet from Facebook to our website.  It's easy to see just how much our fur-babies love being stay-at-home pets!



We know it’s hard being a DIVA and DIVO.  That’s why we provide Zen sessions.  Cuddles, belly rubs and head-scratches are all standard in our Zen Package.



Outdoors?  Indoors?  DIVAS and DIVOS aren’t picky and neither are we!  Whether it’s a favorite toy, running around the yard or just sun-bathing, stay-at-home pets love at-home playtime with the DIVAS-on-Duty.


DIVA Hydration

Just like humans need hydration, so do our special DIVAS and DIVOS.  We make sure that your fur baby’s H2O bowl is always clean, fresh and full.


DIVA Cuisine

Some of our DIVAS and DIVOS have pet-parents who travel or work long hours.  Maintaining their fur baby’s diet is important to them and us.  We feed them according to their routine- whether it’s dry crunchies, wet food, or a combo of both.


DIVA Explorers

There are some DIVAS and DIVOS who just won't stay in the backyard!  We gladly walk leash-trained dogs around their neighborhoods so they can explore the outside world.

treats copy.png

DIVA Treats

DIVAS and DIVOS, whose diet allows, love getting treats.  DIVAS-on-Duty love giving treats.  Not too much though!  We don't want our precious friends to be too rotten.

DIVAlious rates:


We've used our DIVA and DIVO clients as models to help you size your precious stay-at-home pet.


Rates are based on 1-2 pets and 25-30 minute visits in Mandeville*  


Under 35 lbs: $19.00


Btwn. 36-74 lbs: $21.00


Btwn. 75-100 lbs: $23.00


Over 100 lbs: $25.00

* For certain areas of Covington, Madisonville and Lacombe, an additional location fee of $3.00 will be added per visit.   

* For parents with more than two pets, there is a $3.00 charge for each additional pet.


* Holiday rates:  Please add $5 per visit to your rate.  

                   Thanksgiving Day

                   Christmas Day

                   New Year's Eve Day

                   New Year's Day

                   Mardi Gras Day

                   Easter Sunday

                   Memorial Day

                   July 4th Day

                   Labor Day

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