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laissez les DIVAS rouler!

The DIVAS have arrived in New Orleans!  And we still have the same DIVAlicious care our Northshore pet families have trusted since 2009.

The DIVAS Pet Sitters are now offering limited service in New Orleans.  Our longtime DIVA Tracy, who has been a part of providing our "peace-of-mind" service to our furry friends and their parents on the Northshore, no longer lives on our side of the lake.  It was only natural that we followed her South to New Orleans.

Take moment to check out what The DIVAS can do for your precious NOLA pet who begs to "stay-at-home" while you're away.  Please note, our New Orleans rates are the same as our Northshore rates.  Plus, our DIVA pet-care consult is always FREE!

Fill out the contact form below and don't forget to brag about your NOLA DIVA or DIVO (or both!) along with type of care needed (for example, senior care, basic care, special care).  Please include the breed and weight of your fur baby.


Because we are a small business, please allow DIVA Tracy at least 24 business hours to get back to you.  

Contact Us Form

Thanks! DIVA Tracy will get back to you shortly.

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