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Is your precious fur-baby begging to be a stay-at-home pet like our Dooley and Daisy?  


Fill out the contact form below and don't forget to brag about your DIVA or DIVO (or both!) along with type of care needed (for example, senior care, basic care, special care).


Because we are a small business, please allow us at least 24 business hours to get back to you.  

Thanks! Message sent.

DIVA chat options:

Being a busy pet parent, maybe you don't have time to email.  That's OK!  We're just a quick phone call or text message away at 985.373.DIVA


Not a phone person either?  Send us a message on Facebook.


Whatever your preferred method of communication, we're equipped to handle it.  After all, DIVAS are always prepared for the unexpected.

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