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All great loves in history have a story.  The DIVAS Pet Sitters' story is no different.  We love our pets.  We love your pets.  We love to tell our story about who we are.  

Since 2009, "The DIVAS" have provided "peace-of-mind" pet care for precious furry babies.  Originally named Doggie DIVAS Walking Service, LLC, we changed our name to The DIVAS Pet Sitters, LLC. to reflect that we don't just walk dogs.  In fact, some of our four-legged DIVAS and DIVOS prefer the backyard over a walk any day.  We also take care of cats and the occasional feathered pet too! 


All "DIVAS-on-Duty" are pet owners who understand how hard it is to leave the beloved family pet for extended periods of time.  


We take our pet care seriously!  Every "DIVA-on-Duty" undergoes a thorough reference check, drug screening and criminal background check prior to hiring.  

the DIVA bosses:


DIVA julie (ceo)

DIVA Julie (CEO) has always been a kindred spirit human to dogs: she has been a dog owner most of her life.  When she and DIVA Fran started making a business out of caring for pets, cats came with the package.  She is now a proud kitty mama of Kiddie Kiddie, her 3 legged cat who adopted her family 7 years ago.  DIVA Julie can't imagine her life without dogs or cats!  As the DIVA'S Chief Executive Officer, DIVA Julie is responsible for daily DIVA operations and Facebook page.  

DIVA fran (cso)

DIVA Fran (CSO) learned responsible pet care at a young age thanks to her amazing parents Frances and Otis Waguespack: The original DIVA and DIVO.  When DIVA Fran moved back to Louisiana in 2008, she and her twin sister, DIVA Julie, knew going into the pet care business was the only logical thing to do!  After raising two precious Lhasa pups Katie and Dante, DIVA Fran is the proud pet mama of TooToo and Brioche, very rotten tuxedo kitties.  As the DIVA'S Chief Support Officer, DIVA Fran is responsible for HR, Accounting + Finances, and the Website.  

the DIVAS-on-duty:


DIVA sarah barrett

DIVA Sarah is a seasoned pet-care specialist.  She loves giving stay-at-home pet approved kisses and cuddles!  She also has her own furry family and is a highly trained vet tech.  Sarah has been with us since October 2019.


DIVA sydney jacobsen

DIVA Sydney has been caring for stay-at-home furry families with us since September 2016.   Before becoming a DIVA, Syndey was a nurse.  When she's not being a DIVA, she has both a human and pet family to love.  She truly loves both people and pets!


DIVA val miller

DIVA Val joined our team in August 2015.  She has a passion for pets.  The furry pet clients can feel her love.  She is the proud pet mom to Thunder, whom she adopted from the St. Tammany Humane Society.  A natural photographer, she really knows how to capture the beauty and spirit of the pets during their visits.  Her pictures are amazing! 


DIVA tracy norwood

DIVA Tracy has been with the DIVAS since 2010.  That's a lot of stay-at-home pets being spoiled!  In addition to caring for pets, she manages communications for the DIVAS.  She is also the proud mama of twin kitties Celeste (Cindy Clawford) and Poegeaux, and Hedwig, a budgie.

leigh anne.jpeg

DIVA leigh anne wall

DIVA Leigh Anne has been a longtime client before she became a DIVA.  The DIVAS have been caring for her furry family for over ten years.  She loves the DIVAS so much, she had to be one of us in May 2019, and the clients couldn't be happier!


DIVA jody workman

DIVA Jody loves taking care of our furry clients, but don't take our word for it.  A picture captures so much, and we think Lola and Jody's faces say it all!  We know her own furry family feels the same way as Lola!  Jody has been a DIVA since September 2016.

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