We are the DIVAS Pet Sitters, LLC.  We like to say our business is for the dogs, cats, and birds who are "Stay-at-Home" pets!

stay.  sit.  play.

You work hard.  You play even harder.  When long hours hit or it's time to take a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your precious furry baby.  That's where we come in!  Literally. 


Since 2009, once, twice, three-times-a-day or over many days, we've been treating your stay-at-home pets like our own.  We call this "Peace-of-Mind" service making us the premier at-home pet care business for your precious furry baby.


We start with love.

We love our pets, we love your pets.

act like a DIVA


pet life


pet passion

It's an attitude.  It's a lifestyle.  So go ahead.  Be a DIVA or DIVO


in nola

The DIVAS are now offering limited service in New Orleans!

The DIVAS are passionate about pets.  It's our business.


social impact

DIVAS care.  We're proud to partner with the Northshore Humane Society.

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